About Me

28337648_10212310708741671_4892810099083332947_oHi my name is Anne Marie Davidson, welcome to my blog.

Let’s get friendly!

The goal of this blog is to provide support, information, insight, assistance and a bit of levity for caregivers of persons living with dementia.  To help develop community awareness and demonstrate the ability to recognize and respond to the needs of a community with aging members living with dementia.

Seniors have long been my passion, dating back to my grandparents….Elvira and Cecil.  They help to care for and mold me and I continue to use their examples in my life and my approach to others.

My experience with the senior community has taken many forms including, California State Licensed RCFE (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly) Administrator, Director of Senior Services, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Assisted Living Support Group Leader, Certified Dementia Practitioner, A Dementia Friend, a Purple Angel Ambassador , Coach, Presenter and Family Caregiver. With over sixteen years in the senior industry my experience enables me to respond to care needs with empathy and an expertise that is highly valued by my clients. In addition to my experience in providing senior support services, I have over ten years of senior residential real estate management as well as over ten years of marketing, event planning, corporate consulting, eldercare marketing support and strategic alliances.

Points To Ponder:

  1. How often do you encounter someone who is unsure of how to respond or interact with someone with dementia?
  2. Do you feel like your loved on is misunderstood or unsupported when out in public?
  3. When is the last time you took your loved own out to a nice restaurant for a great meal and enjoyed the experience?
  4. What is your experience like when you go to the hospital or ER?
  5. Where do you go to share your experiences with dementia?
  6. Have you been memory tested?  What has prevented you from getting it done?

Still here…great!  Let’s get some answers.